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Freshers’ week: Chloe's photo diary

Chloe shares her freshers’ week experience at the University of Edinburgh...

What was Chloe's absolute highlight? Did she regret anything? Skip ahead to our Q&A with her to find out.

All moved into my accommodation.

Chloe freshers' week diary - accommodation

Pineapple jagerbomb - the healthy way to do freshers' week.

Chloe freshers' week diary - jagerbomb


Buying so many books for your course you can hardly carry them!

Chloe freshers' week diary - buying books

Almost as good as mum's cooking...

Chloe freshers' week diary - first homemade meal


Tasted good though!

Chloe freshers' week diary - first homemade meal  

Eating ice cream and making the most of the abnormally warm Scottish weather.

Chloe freshers' week diary -  exploring Edinburgh


Heading to an indoor beach party. Flower garlands were compulsory!

Chloe freshers' week diary - beach party


Caribbean vibes in the middle of Edinburgh.

Chloe freshers' week diary - beach party

'Excuse me, do you know where my flatmates went?'

Chloe freshers' week diary - beach party

Watch now: How I met my best mate at uni


Flatmate selfie! Apparently we look like sisters.

Chloe freshers' week diary - flatmates


Flat Fajita Night before going to watch Bridget Jones' Baby.

Chloe freshers' week diary - flat group meal

All glammed up for the freshers' ball.

Chloe freshers' week diary - freshers' ball


Climbing Arthur's Seat and taking in the breathtaking view.

Chloe freshers' week diary - Arthur's Seat


Attending the world's oldest varsity rugby match between University of Edinburgh vs St Andrews

Chloe freshers' week diary - rugby game


Freshers' week Q&A with Chloe

Q. What was your freshers' week highlight?

A. It has to have been the beach party because they truly transformed the student union building into a Caribbean beach! They had a steel drum band playing and massive inflatable beach balls, as well as a spinning and tilting surfboard that no one managed to stay on for more than about thirty seconds! 


Q. Any low points?

A. There wasn't really one for me, except perhaps having to spend over £200 on books for my course (and the realisation that we are actually going to have work during uni).  

Q. What's your accommodation like? 

A. It's lovely. Everyone is really sociable and we've made a really great friendship group between the three flats on our floor. My flatmates and I are really similar and all get along really well (apparently we all look like sisters too!).

The flat next door is a group of four boys who we also get along really well with. Between our two flats we do a lot of shared flat meals and all go out together for dinner, to the cinema and clubbing, which is perfect!


Q. Anything you wish you'd packed now? 

A. I packed quite a lot of stuff. So although I'm not really short of anything, my room is quite crammed. Maybe I should have brought a little less! 


Q. Did anything surprise you about freshers' week? 

A. It surprised me how quickly everyone has made friends and how quickly I've settled in to uni life. I was expecting to be a little hesitant and nervous at first but I haven't been at all. 

That said, the workload and number of social activities has been a little overwhelming in these first few weeks!


Chloe BanksAbout Chloe

Originally from Cornwall, Chloe has just begun a joint English and History BA at the University of Edinburgh. In her spare time, she enjoys acting, writing, horse-riding and yoga.

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