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Results day 2016: how it all went down

Last minute meltdowns, results reactions, cupcakes, Snapchat Stories – here's how results day 2016 went down in one school...

We paid Brentford School for Girls a visit on results day 2016:

Results day 2016 party - cupcake and banner

OK, we brought more than one cupcake:

Results day 2016 party - cupcakes

They seemed to go down well (despite nerves):

Results day

We kicked off our brand new Snapchat channel:

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We offered advice to those who needed it:

Results Day 2016 - Paul and student

We kept Year 12s in mind too:

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But best of all, we met lots of happy faces heading off to uni, like Mashad:

Results day 2016 - Mashad

And Abina, also Southampton-bound, who bounced back this year:

Read her tips below if your AS year wasn't so great.

Results day 2016 - Abina

Plus Stevie, whose mum helped keep her calm:

Results day 2016 - Stevie

Hana, beginning at Uni of East London soon:

Results day 2016 - Hana

And Yasmin, who's heading off to Hertfordshire:

Results Day 2016 - Yasmin

Results day reactions: student Q&A

Q. What was the 24 hours before results day like?

Abina: 'Really stressful. I actually felt physically sick. My AS results didn’t go so well so I wasn’t the most confident. I thought I was going to go into Clearing.'

Zaynab: 'I haven’t really slept much. It’s been really nerve-wracking. I’ve been up and down thinking "I’ve done well"; and then next minute, "No, I’ve done rubbish".'

Q. Any tips to keep calm before results day?

Abina: ‘I had family over so they distracted me quite a lot. I’d rather be around people than sit there alone.’

Stevie: ‘Just been talking to mum, watching TV and chilling really.’

Q. What made the difference this year? Any tips?

Abina: 'My AS grades triggered me to do well. It knocked some sense into my head that these were my A-levels, and that I needed to pick up some pace and get on the ball a bit. I worked hard this year for all three of my subjects and it’s paid off. Also: post-it notes! Instead of writing new notes, go back over brainstorms and mind maps.'

Stevie: 'My parents kept pushing me and pushing me to keep revising when I started to give up. They were like: “Keep on, keep on!” So that helped a lot.'

Zaynab: 'I don’t really stress out about exams. I just try to remember that whatever happens, happens. That keeps me calm and makes me think clearer. Also, doing lots of past papers helps.'

Mashad: 'Revision cards. One of our teachers showed them to us and we've been making them since the start of the year. So when we got to the end of the year it wasn't that difficult to study. Also, try to relax because when you're stressed you can't really study very well.'

Q. You're off to uni in September. How did you choose where to go?

Abina: '[Choosing law] was risky. My parents were like: “Don’t do it because you’re the type to cut halfway because it’s too hard”. But I like humanities and really enjoyed studying sociology so I thought I could go down the law path.'

Mashad: 'Southampton is one of the best in the country for engineering so it was kind of a no-brainer. It's a campus university as well; I wanted to get out of home but also be in a place where I could find my way around easily.'

Zaynab: 'I always knew I wanted to go into medicine. The [Extended Medical Degree] programme at King's College has slightly lower grade boundaries; so I applied to it as my insurance in case I didn't get the three As I would need for other universities.’

Q. What are you most nervous or excited about for uni?

Abina: 'Moving away because I've never been away in my life. I’m excited about getting to meet new people and having a new cultural experience - I think that's the most important part of going to university, even more than what you're studying.'

Stevie: 'None of my friends are going [to Cardiff] so it’s a whole new start. But I'm excited to meet new people. It's a completely different place to where I live now so I'm excited by that.'

Zaynab: 'Fitting in and making new friends.'

Q. Finally, what's your dream or nightmare housemate?

Abina: 'I don't want a housemate who's out partying every single day because that's just going to annoy me, especially with the subject that I’m studying - I need time to study. My dream housemate would be someone really friendly who you can just relax with - calm and chill.'

Stevie: 'Lovely, not annoying. The nightmare one would be constantly talking, constantly wanting to party.'

Mashad: 'A dream housemate is one who is pretty clean and can cook. A nightmare would be a really messy person. I can't deal with that. If the kitchen is really messy all the time, I'll probably go mad.'

Searching for a uni place for September?

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