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Should you take subjects that aren’t GCSEs?

Your school may be offering non GCSE subjects – such as BTEC First Certificates in business, health and social care or sport. Here's how they'll be viewed on your university application.

Take the non-GCSE subjects if you’re interested, or if you’ve been advised to by your teachers (or both) – but just be aware that these qualifications won’t make or break whether or not you get a place at uni. 

Let’s say you take health and social care and also sport as First Certificates because you want to become a physiotherapist. An admissions tutor on a physiotherapy university course will be far more interested in your achieved grades in your double or triple award science GCSE than the First Certificate qualifications (though you could mention which areas of the course you found particularly interesting, and why, on your personal statement).

Find out why your GCSE choices and GCSE grades matter – and get some smart tips on how to decide what to take.


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