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Which GCSEs do you have to do to get into a particular career?

You don’t always have to take a particular subject to get into a particular career, so what are the exceptions you need to be aware of

If there are any subjects that are important to take, it’s your GCSEs in English, maths and (at least double award) science – and you have to take these anyway!

The other exceptions are if you’re considering a career related to languages, or in art and design. Having the relevant GCSEs – a modern or ancient language; art or design technology - under your belt to pursue a career in these areas will really help.

If you’re not sure what sort of career you want to go into, keep your options wide open by focusing on getting at least GCSE C grades in English language and literature, maths and science (ideally double science at least), to avoid the need to retake anything later on.

You can also appeal grades you're not happy with.


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