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Open day questions: education students

Planning to study education at university? Print out our list of questions when you're on an open day to help you get all the information you need on the course.

About the course

  • Which modules are optional and which are core?
  • Can I specialise in a certain area if I want?
  • Is specialist better than generalist when it comes to choosing my options?

Facilities and equipment

  • What books are necessary for me to buy?
  • Will I be taught lectures with only people from my course?
  • Can I get extra help from lecturers if I need it?

Placements and work experience

  • How many placements will I have during this course?
  • Do I organise my placement independently or will I have help?
  • Does the uni have contacts with schools and colleges? 


  • What is the split between exam/coursework/Group works/presentations?
  • How will I be assessed on placements?
  • Do I need to complete a dissertation/ research based project?

Graduate prospects

  • How will this course help me get a job?
  • How many graduates go on to to do teaching training qualifications?
  • What disciplines does the study of education draw upon?


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