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Open day questions: engineering students

Acoustic, aerospace, chemical, construction, mechanical… there are so many different types of engineering course to choose from! Use our list of open day questions to narrow them down…

About the course

  • What is the split between theory / practical work in the course?
  • Will we get hands-on experience of the course material on field trips or visits?
  • Will I be assigned a mentor or personal tutor during my time at uni?
  • Will I be able to organise additional tuition with course tutors if I need it?
  • How much maths is involved?
  • How many hours of study a week will I expect to do?
  • Is this a four-year MEng course? Will I be a chartered engineer at the end of my studies?

Equipment and facilities

  • What books and equipment are necessary for me to buy?
  • How much time will I spend in labs, or on practical assignments?

Work experience and placements

  • Is there an engineering guild / society for me to join?
  • Does the department have contacts in industry?
  • Is there an industrial placement involved? Do I organise my placement independently or will I have help?
  • Does the uni have a careers office? Are there career fairs and careers advice/assistance for placements and when I graduate?


  • What is the split between exams / coursework / group work / presentations?
  • Do I need to complete a dissertation, or a research-based project?
  • Does the department have collections of past papers and revision guides I can use to revise from?

Graduate prospects

  • What is the employment uptake like from this course? How many graduates are employed after one or two years…?
  • Does the department organise seminars and conferences that I may be able to attend?
  • Can I move on to a related PhD or Masters after my course?


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