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Open day questions: history and philosophy students

If you've got a penchant for history or philosophy (or perhaps both), don't head to a university open day without printing out these must-ask questions…

About the course

  • How much reading is there each week?
  • How many contact hours / lectures are there per week?
  • Am I taught research methods?
  • How many of my lecturers are still publishing research?
  • Do I specialise in a particular period or area, or is it a broad syllabus?

Books and facilities

  • What books are necessary for me to buy?
  • Do I need to read anything before I start the course?
  • Are there enough books for all history students to access easily?
  • Can my reading material be found online?

Field trips and placements

  • Are there any field trips?
  • Can I do a placement year? ERASMUS?
  • Will companies take on interns from this course?
  • Can I take modules in other subjects?


  • What is the split between exams / coursework / group work?
  • Will I have to do presentations during the course?
  • Do I need to complete a dissertation or research-based project?


  • Can I move on to a related PhD or Masters after my course? Is there funding for me to do this?
  • How could I make the most out this course and get a job at the end of it?


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