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20 more revision tip tweets you shouldn't ignore

The revision help just keeps on coming. Here are another 20 tweet-sized tips to catch up on as exam season edges ever closer...

It's time to step things up from our first 20 revision tips; after all, exams are around the corner and the nerves are probably starting to kick in.

So here are some more quick study nuggets to make sure those notes are sticking, and you're cool as a cucumber for the exam day:

1. Exam season is a chance to challenge your body clock.

2. Could a love of classical music help you study..?

3. Or maybe a dose of pop is more up your street?

4. Speaking of aural methods...

5. Exams aren't as unpredictable as you might think. 

6. Your response to an exam question is crucial.

7. Temptation comes in many forms...

8. ...but when the sun is about, don't miss out.

9. In fact, just leave the books at home altogether.

10. While sleep is crucial, the hour or so before bed is too.

11. We may have gone too far...

12. …on more than one occasion.

13. You'd be forgiven for thinking we'd flipped completely.

One student reveals her bizarre revision tips...


14. You've told us your tips too, like the power of colour...

Did you know there's a wrong way to highlight? Watch out for these common revision sins...

15. …and how to calm down when things get too much.



16. We've tried to help when parents ask questions…

17. …and make dinnertime FUN (sort of).

18. Finally, boil each topic down to some key concepts.

19. By the way, our special revision section says hello.

20. But really, there's only one answer when all else fails.


Good luck!

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