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The university interview: how to buy yourself time [video]

Interviews are usually fairly short and you have just one slot to make a great impression. We asked Eyes Wide Opened's career coaches for tips on how to buy yourself some time...

Watch now: University interviews – how to buy yourself time


More interview tips to buy yourself time

Your interviewer will be the one in the driving seat, but there are some steps to help you take more control of the time you have. You’ll seem more confident, deliver better, clearer answers, and generally be more yourself.
  • Make sure you’re in a level-headed, unhurried state when you go in the room by arriving early and walking in calmly when you’re called.
  • Try not to let your nerves affect your speaking speed – better to give a shorter, more carefully thought-through answer than a longer rambling one. Try to think and speak in shorter sentences. That way you won’t run out of breath!
  • You can pause before you answer questions. It shows maturity, thoughtfulness, and though it may feel like an eternity, in reality it’ll probably only be a few seconds. Silence is fine.

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