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The university interview: questions you can ask [video]

University interviews are a brilliant opportunity to ask questions – and a good question will impress your interviewer just as much as a good answer. Careers coaching experts Eyes Wide Opened explain more...

Asking great questions will show you've done your homework and that you're taking your next steps and decisions seriously. So what questions can you ask to get a good insight into the ethos and attitudes of the institution and – potentially – the people who’ll be teaching you? Dick Mullender, former hostage negotiator and listening expert, has some ideas:

Watch now: University interviews – questions to ask

Here are a few more example questions to consider:
  • What do you expect from your students in each year of the degree?
  • What reputation do you want this course / university to have?
  • What’s the best thing a graduate could say about their experience of this course / university?

Remember that questions also allow you to gather the information you need to help decide whether the course and university is right for you. An interview is a two-way street, after all: an opportunity for you to form a rounded view about a uni as much as it’s one for them to assess you.

Asking unnecessary questions because you feel you should ask something can work against you. They can show a lack of research. Replies like 'I think you'll find all of that on page 52 of the prospectus' may indicate that you've asked something you didn't need to.

Also, if you don’t care about the question, you won’t care about the answer.

Final tip: really listen to the answers! Don’t let yourself zone out just because you’re near the end. The responses you get could be key in helping you make big decisions further down the Ucas road. Take notes if necessary.

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