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Inside a university interview – as told by students

Been invited to a university interview and not sure what to expect? To help you prepare, we've been asking current uni students to explain what the experience was like for them.

The reality's not as bad as you might be imagining! While there's no harm in preparing for the more unusual interview questions, think less interrogation, more conversation…

Interviewers vary – have an open-minded approach

Each of the five interviews I had was different. Some of the interviewers preferred to talk to find out more about you and your interests in the subject, others tested your knowledge with questions, some blatantly testing A-level knowledge and some more abstract testing our logical abilities. I would advise going in with an open mind. First Year Astrophysics Student | Lancaster University

Be prepared to talk about admissions tests

The professors start off with a few casual questions to break the ice. My interview was immediately after completing an admissions test, so a lot of the questions were based on my answers to the test. Second Year Physics Student | University Of Nottingham

They'll point you in the right direction

The process was fairly informal and relaxed, with a brief discussion of why you'd like to attend, talking through your personal statement and some practical questions on bits you'll have learnt from your studies. Nothing to really worry about with the questions, as you'll get hints to nudge you in the right direction if you get stuck. Fourth Year Computer Science Student | University Of York

Ask questions

The interview was classed as informal but the majority of people were dressed semi-smart (trousers and a shirt / top). Otherwise the interview was relatively relaxed. Do be prepared for the usual type of questions – 'why this course?', 'will you be able to cope with the placement / academic workload?' – and have a couple of questions of your own. There was also some very nice cake at the end! First Year Radiography Student | University Of Exeter

You might have a group interview

It was two-part interview – group and individual. The group interview was a new experience and it was a bit difficult to know how to play it. I would advise people to be themselves, to listen to others' contributions as well as contributing yourself. Third Year Occupational Therapy Student | Cardiff University

It's a two-way process – is the uni right for you?

My interviewer was very approachable and easy to talk to. The interview allowed me to decide whether I liked the university, whether it was the right uni and course for me. It was very useful overall. A positive experience rather than anything to get too stressed or worried about. Second Year English Literature Student | University Of Warwick



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