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Ucas application

Inside university interviews, tests and applications

4 min read

What happens on a university access or outreach programme?

Oxford hopeful Ruby reveals all about the access programme which has been preparing her for the most important application of her life.

16 September 2016

2 min read

Uni applicant diaries: applying to Oxbridge

Oxbridge is famously tough to get into - so if you're nervous about applying there, you're not the only one...

05 September 2016

3 min read

Medicine entry requirements - five key things to know

Getting a place to study medicine is tough. Here's what you need to know about entry requirements for medicine...

15 September 2015

1 min read

Replying to university offers: five top tactics [Infographic]

Before you head to Ucas Track to accept offers, follow these five steps to making your firm and insurance choices.

23 February 2015

2 min read

The university interview: questions you can ask [video]

University interview coming up? A good question will impress your interviewer as much as a good answer. Careers coaching experts Eyes Wide Opened explain more.

22 September 2014

1 min read

How to be a standout university applicant [video]

What makes a Ucas application really stand out? Our video reporter quizzes admissions tutors on what they're looking for – here’s what they said...

05 September 2014

3 min read

Will Advanced Highers help me get into uni?

After completing four or five Highers in S5, you might be offered the chance to spend the next year taking Advanced Highers before continuing on to university. Will doing this help you get into uni? The experts explain.

01 August 2014

1 min read

The university interview: how to buy yourself time [video]

University interview coming up? Interviews are usually fairly short - buy yourself more time with these video tips from careers coaching experts Eyes Wide Opened.

04 June 2014

1 min read

The university interview: getting over nerves [video]

University interview coming up? It's natural to be nervous – careers coaching experts Eyes Wide Opened share their interview tips on how to handle it.

16 May 2014

1 min read

The Ucas application and personal statement [video]

We speak to university applicants to find out their thoughts on the Ucas application process (and that personal statement!)…

25 April 2014

4 min read

Oxbridge university interviews: the truth behind the myths

Been invited to an interview at Oxford or Cambridge Universities? Students who have been through the Oxbridge interview process share their stories.

11 November 2013

3 min read

Checklist: university and degree subjects you might be interviewed for

Think that most universities don’t interview applicants? Don’t be so sure! They are more likely to crop up with certain courses and places. Find out more...

04 November 2013

3 min read

10 odd university interview questions – and why tutors ask them

Expect the unexpected at a university interview. Here are 10 off-the-wall questions asked by university tutors, and why they might not actually be that strange.

02 November 2013

1 min read

Oxbridge interviews - tips from tutors [video]

Been invited for an interview at Oxford or Cambridge? Oxbridge tutors reveal in this video how to handle the renowned interview process.

22 October 2013

1 min read

Oxbridge applications - tips from tutors [video]

Our video reporter headed to Oxford and Cambridge Universities to ask tutors what they're looking for in an application...

23 September 2013

3 min read

How will contextual admissions policies affect my application?

Find out what you need to know about contextual admissions policies and how universities use this information alongside your university application.

14 September 2013

3 min read

Access to HE explained: an alternative route into university

No A-levels? Find out more about The Access to Higher Education Diploma with this guest post from QAA – the organisation that regulates Access to HE courses.

05 June 2013

2 min read

How to perfectly present your portfolio at interview

Will you be presenting your portfolio at a university interview? Students who've been through the process reveal their top tips for impressing admissions tutors...

11 February 2013

3 min read

University admissions tests – as told by students

If you've been invited to take a university admissions test, it's good to know roughly what to expect. Students explain what entry tests were like for them…

06 November 2012

4 min read

Top ways to prepare for entry tests - as told by students, tutors and trainers

If you’re invited to take a test by a university you’ve applied to, you''ll need to make sure you're prepared. Our experts share their top tips on what you need to do.

28 August 2012

3 min read

How do universities view the Welsh Baccalaureate?

Deciding whether or not to take the Welsh Baccalaureate as one of your choices? Wondering what admissions tutors really think of it? Here’s what you need to know.

15 August 2012

2 min read

Can universities see where else you've applied to – and could this affect your chances?

You can enter a maximum of five choices on your application, but can universities see where else you've applied to? The answer to this is no – we explain why…

15 August 2012

4 min read

How important are auditions for getting on to performing arts courses?

Auditions are central to most performing arts course applications. Here’s our guide on what’s expected of you – and how to make sure your audition is pitch perfect.

14 August 2012

4 min read

How important are portfolios and interviews for creative courses?

Most uni applicants aren’t even interviewed, but creative applicants are hit with a triple whammy: UCAS points + portfolio + interview. Find out more…

14 August 2012

3 min read

What if I don’t have the right qualifications for a degree I'm interested in?

Whether you just missed out on a grade at GCSE or lack certain subjects, you can still get to university if you’re willing to put some extra work in – here's how.

14 August 2012

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