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University league tables

Curious about University league tables? You've come to the right place

1 min read

What is University Alliance?

University Alliance represents a group of professional and technical universities. Find out more about what it does and who's a member...

06 January 2021

5 min read

Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF): what it means for you

How does the government's Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) affect your university decision and how much you'll pay in fees?

07 July 2019

8 min read

Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF): the ratings in full [updated for 2019]

Explore the official Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) ratings for universities and colleges in 2019 – we've got the full list here.

07 July 2019

4 min read

What is The Russell Group? List of Russell Group Universities

What is The Russell Group? Find a list of the Russell Group universities and find out everything you might want to know about Russell Group.

03 January 2019

4 min read

What do university league tables really tell you?

Do you understand what university league tables tell you? Work out what UK university rankings show, and what the university league tables for 2018 are.

22 April 2018

3 min read

Alternative university league tables

Yes, you may have heard of The Times or The Guardian uni league tables – but what other league table rankings exist?

26 September 2016

2 min read

What is the 1994 Group?

Like the Russell Group, the 1994 Group is another prestigious group of universities though it is no longer active. Take a look here to find out more about this previous group.

15 October 2013

1 min read

What is UKADIA?

Want to study a creative course? UKADIA is a group of arts and design institutions from across the UK's higher and further education sectors - here’s a list of the members…

30 January 2013

1 min read

What is the Million+ Group?

Million+ Group is a public policy think tank made up of universities. Take a look here to find out who's a member..

30 October 2012

1 min read

What is GuildHE?

GuildHE is an organisation that universities and colleges can choose to become a member of. Take a look here to find out what the GuildHE is and who's a member.

14 August 2012

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