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Freshers: what to expect in your first term at university [video]

Freshers' week, the freshers' fair and the first term – what can you expect during your early student days? Our roving student video reporter finds out more…

Our roving student video reporter finds out more…

Watch now: Freshers - what to expect in your first term

More first term top tips:

Here are some more experiences you can expect in your first term at uni…

Joining a uni society, club or sports team

University freshers’ fairs will give you the opportunity to discover all the weird and wonderful societies available for you to join. This is a great way of meeting new people that share similar interests and hobbies to you. If you are looking to join a sports team, universities tend to host trials in the first couple of weeks.


Moving out and settling in

It’s important to remember everyone is in the same boat, so everyone will be looking to make friends. It's natural to feel homesick at times too. It can help to have a weekend trip home lined up a few weeks into term, to give you something to look forward to – the end of term can feel like an eternity home otherwise.


First experience of your course

Make the most of your course and turn up to all of your lectures – even 9am starts after a heavy night without sleep. It can be difficult to catch up, especially as you're getting used to the new workload.


Budgeting problems

Your student loan may seem like a jackpot, but it’s likely it won’t stretch as far as anticipated – ten weeks is a long time to budget for, and you never know when unexpected expenses might crop up.

Plan ahead and try to keep a little aside for emergencies if possible.

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