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Choosing a course

Which subject and which university? We help you decide

4 min read

What do university league tables really tell you?

Do you understand what university league tables tell you? Work out what UK university rankings show, and what the university league tables for 2022 are.

09 November 2021

3 min read

Applying for a course with higher entry requirements than predicted?

Are your predicted grades too low for your desired degree course? We look at how strict university entry requirements are and whether you should still apply.

14 September 2021

2 min read

Calculating Ucas points based on predicted grades

Do you know what Ucas points are and how to calculate them? Find out how to calculate your points based on your predicted grades with our handy calculators.

31 August 2021

2 min read

What is a red brick university? List of red brick universities

What are the red brick universities and how did they get their name? Most importantly, should it make a difference when choosing where to study?

31 August 2021

5 min read

I want to go to uni but I don't know what to study

Choosing a university degree can be difficult - consider your interests, aspirations and strengths.

09 February 2021

4 min read

How to choose a uni to study a Master’s

How to find a university to study your Master's postgraduate degree

09 February 2021

1 min read

What is University Alliance?

University Alliance represents a group of professional and technical universities. Find out more about what it does and who's a member...

06 January 2021

6 min read

Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF): what it means for you

How does the government's Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) affect your university decision and how much you'll pay in fees?

07 July 2019

9 min read

Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF): the ratings in full [updated for 2019]

Explore the official Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) ratings for universities and colleges in 2019 – we've got the full list here.

07 July 2019

3 min read

New to The Uni Guide - how we can help you

From Year 9 to university graduates, we're here to guide you through every Higher Education decision you make. Find out about the wealth of resources at your fingertips.

05 April 2019

3 min read

How easy is it to switch courses once I’m at university?

Thinking about changing university course? Read our advice for anyone wanting to switch subject or uni.

03 March 2019

7 min read

What are two-year accelerated degrees?

Accelerated degrees, which squeeze a full undergraduate course into two years, will be rolled out further from September 2019. Learn more about these fast track courses, including how current students rate them for money-saving in the long run.

18 February 2019

7 min read

What degree, subject or course should I study at university?

Don't know what to study at university (or where to do it)? Figure out the right course or subject for you, plus tips on choosing a uni.

04 February 2019

4 min read

What is The Russell Group? List of Russell Group Universities

What is The Russell Group? Find a list of the Russell Group universities and find out everything you might want to know about Russell Group.

03 January 2019

8 min read

Quick guide: student rights on your university course

Feel you’re being treated unfairly by your university? Learn what your student rights are when it comes to course changes, cancelled lectures and making a complaint – as well as your responsibilities.

06 November 2018

4 min read

Is a higher or degree apprenticeship right for you?

Like the idea of graduating in a cap and gown, while also having several years of work experience in the bag and no debts to pay off? A degree apprenticeship could be the answer…

03 October 2018

3 min read

10 unusual degree courses

Interested in a more ‘unique college degree’? From circus skills to DJing, these interesting degrees are happening right now at current universities.

26 June 2018

3 min read

Choosing a uni course: five things students wish they'd considered

Struggling to choose a university course? This is what students told us they wish they’d known.

11 June 2018

3 min read

Best and worst university locations for crime

Concerned about safety while away at uni? Our list reveals the best and worst locations for university crime rates in the UK.

06 June 2018

3 min read

Living with autism: becoming an apprentice

An apprentice with autism tells us how a software engineering apprenticeship route was the right choice for his career.

27 April 2018

5 min read

Living with autism at uni: how to apply

Fewer than one in four school leavers with autism stay in further or higher education, but times are changing. Universities are taking steps to encourage autistic students to apply - if that's you, here's how to decide.

02 February 2018

3 min read

Choosing the right university city

Which university city will you call home for three years? Discover the right study destination for you with our tips and fun quiz.

04 January 2018

6 min read

The real story behind university entry requirements

University entry requirements may seem straightforward on paper, but in practice, there can be more than meets the eye. Find out how universities use them including how flexible they can be.

24 November 2017

3 min read

What does the percentage of applicants receiving course offers tell me?

This university measurement is no longer available. Here's why that is and what it used to show.

22 November 2017

5 min read

Should you study in London?

Are you being drawn to the bright lights of London? Before you jump on the train to Waterloo, this is what it's really like to study in the capital.

09 November 2017

4 min read

Is a foundation degree right for you?

You may not have heard of foundation degrees, but if you’re looking for a flexible qualification that combines academic study with work-based learning - they could be for you

02 February 2017

4 min read

Is studying overseas right for you?

Leaving home to start university is a big move – going abroad to study is truly life-changing. Is it for you?

24 January 2017

6 min read

Which university is right for you?

Don't know which university to choose? To help you find the uni that's right for you, make sure you factor these things into your research...

05 January 2017

1 min read

Ucas application hacks - your cartoon guide

Get some handy university application tips AND have a giggle with these cartoons.

14 December 2016

3 min read

Massive Open Online Courses (Moocs) explained

Moocs – or Massive Open Online Courses - have taken off in the US and are now being embraced by UK universities. But how can you use them to get into higher education?

15 November 2016

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