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Oxbridge applications

Applying to Oxford or Cambridge?

4 min read

What do I need to get into Oxford or Cambridge?

If you’re thinking about applying to Oxford or Cambridge, you’ve got to stand out against the tough competition. Our six-step plan sets out what you’ll need.

31 August 2021

4 min read

Oxford or Cambridge? How to choose

Oxford versus Cambridge: you can only put one of them on your Ucas form, so how do you choose? We share some pointers...

31 August 2021

4 min read

Oxbridge applications: five things you might not know

Planning to go to Oxford or Cambridge University? Here are five things you might not know about Oxbridge that could help boost your application.

31 August 2021

3 min read

University places in 2021: Russell Group universities willing to accept more students again this year

Russell Group unis are going to accept more students again in 2021, and Cambridge announces a free foundation year

20 January 2021

3 min read

Uni applicant diaries: Ruby's Oxford summer residential

Year 13 student Ruby was invited to a week-long summer residential at Oxford to get a glimpse of student life there.

07 October 2016

4 min read

What happens on a university access or outreach programme?

Oxford hopeful Ruby reveals all about the access programme which has been preparing her for the most important application of her life.

16 September 2016

2 min read

Uni applicant diaries: applying to Oxbridge

Oxbridge is famously tough to get into - so if you're nervous about applying there, you're not the only one...

05 September 2016

4 min read

Oxbridge university interviews: the truth behind the myths

Been invited to an interview at Oxford or Cambridge Universities? Students who have been through the Oxbridge interview process share their stories.

11 November 2013

1 min read

Oxbridge interviews - tips from tutors [video]

Been invited for an interview at Oxford or Cambridge? Oxbridge tutors reveal in this video how to handle the renowned interview process.

22 October 2013

1 min read

Oxbridge applications - tips from tutors [video]

Our video reporter headed to Oxford and Cambridge Universities to ask tutors what they're looking for in an application...

23 September 2013

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