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Making firm and insurance choices

What to do next, once you've got your offers

4 min read

Ucas Extra explained

Ucas Extra is a lifeline if you've not received any offers, or you've declined those you have. Learn more about Ucas Extra, including when it is.

26 January 2024

5 min read

What to do if you don’t get an offer from your first choice university

Rejected from your first choice university? Find out how Ucas Clearing and Extra can give you a second stab at applying to uni this year.

24 January 2024

6 min read

Behind the scenes: how your uni application is processed

What makes your Ucas application stand out once you’ve fired it off - and how long does it take before universities will start making offers? Find out how your uni application is processed, and what university admissions tutors are really looking for.

05 December 2023

9 min read

First and insurance university choices explained

What’s the difference between university firm and insurance choices? We’ve got help with deciding which offers to accept and answer your queries, from changing your mind to what happens next.

06 November 2023

5 min read

How long does it take for universities to reply to your application?

It might feel like it's taking forever for your uni offers to come through. Find out what's going on, and when you should hear back

05 October 2023

3 min read

Waiting for uni offers: how to keep your head

The Student Room explains how to stay cool while waiting for university offers.

18 September 2023

4 min read

Unconditional offers: should you always accept?

Unconditional offers: should you always accept?

13 September 2023

5 min read

University offers: what they mean and what to do next

A guide to unconditional and conditional offers from universities you’ve applied to through Ucas. What do they mean and what are your next choices?

08 March 2023

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