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Btec results day 2021: what to expect

Find out when Btec results day 2021 is, and what you can expect to happen on the day.

When is Btec results day 2021?

With GCSE, A-level and Btec exams cancelled this year, grades will be assessed by teachers and results days are happening earlier to allow time for any appeals.

Btec results are usually released to students on or just before A-level results day, which is now 10 August. Ofqual has said that Btec results can be expected in the week of 9 August.

Btec results are often officially released to schools and colleges the day before A-level results but students may only able be given them on the same day as A-levels – although, even in regular years, some could also be given to students from July onwards.

Btec students will also already know some of their individual unit grades from completed units. 

Your school or college should be able to let you know when and how you’ll be able to pick up your Btec results. You might have to get them in person, or they could be sent to you in the post or by email. 

Watch now: Feroz Anjum opens his Btec results and gives an encouraging message to students waiting for their own.

What are the different Btec grades?

The pass grades for Btec Nationals are:

Distinction* (D*) – equivalent in the Ucas tariff to an A* at A-level
Distinction (D) – equivalent to an A 
Merit (M) – equivalent to a C
Pass (P) – equivalent to an E
Near pass (N) – this grade is available on most Btec Nationals. It means that you may still be able to pass the overall course without having passed every individual unit.

How are the grades worked out?

Students are given points for each unit they’ve completed. As you’ll have been taking units throughout the course, you should already know how many points you have in some of the units.

Normally, once you’ve finished all your units, all the points are added together and you’re awarded a final grade. This year, things might be different as lockdown restrictions and remote learning may have disrupted your course.

Find out more about how Btecs will be graded this year in this article from our sister site The Student Room. 

Can I get into university with a Btec?

The short answer is yes – most UK universities accept Btecs, including those in the Russell Group, and the number of students starting with a Btec is increasing every year. In 2017, over 25% of the students who started university had a Btec. 

Find out more about getting into university as a Btec student in this article

All Btec Nationals are worth Ucas points – you can see how many Ucas points each grade is worth here and in the chart below.

What should I do if I’m unhappy with my Btec results?

If you’re unhappy with your Btec results, you have a couple of options.

If you think you should have received a higher grade, you could get your marks reviewed. To go down this route, you’ll need to let your school or college know that you would like a review as soon as possible after receiving your results.

You can find out more about the process of getting your Btec reviewed for each subject on the Pearson website here.

If you think you could have done better, you might be able to repeat the assessment. If it was an external assessment, you would have to wait until the next scheduled exam sitting. Internal assessments can also be taken twice.
You’d need to speak to your school or college to arrange any retakes.

How does Clearing work for Btec students? 

Clearing opens at the beginning of July – if you've already recieved all your results by then and aren't also waiting for any A-level results, you'll be able to enter Clearing right away. 

However, most Clearing places won't be published until August, so you'd need to wait until then if you want to see the full choice of availabale courses. 

Find out more about applying for a Clearing place as a Btec student in this article, including expert tips on how to stand out as a Btec student in Clearing. 

What is Clearing and how does it work? Find out more in this video from our sister site The Student Room.

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