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10 unusual university societies

Eager to get stuck into student life at university? Joining a society is a good way of meeting new people, trying something new or expanding your skills and interests.

But if joining sports or the debating soc doesn't float your boat, don't worry – there's no end of more imaginative university societies out there. We’ve been taking a look at some of the more out-of-the-ordinary ones you can be part of around the UK…

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Mario Kart Society

Members of this novel society meet weekly for Mario Kart gaming events and challenge one another for the title of champion. There are also social events which involve Mario-based fancy dress nights out. The society welcomes everybody - you don’t have to be a big gamer, but a love for Mario is required. Its biggest aim? 'To rename the 'University of Essex' the 'University of Mario Kart, in Essex.''

Nerdfighters Society

This inquisitively-titled society describes a nerdfighter as ‘someone who wants to help break the negative nerd stereotype, who is willing to fight for good causes and someone who’s not composed of cells and tissue, but instead made entirely of awesome.’ The Nerdfighters seem like a close-knit bunch and have twice-weekly meet-ups in addition to monthly movie marathons.

Assassins’ Guild / Society

Members of this society take part in games of mock assassination in which players are assigned targets to hunt down and eliminate with fake weapons such as water pistols and rubber chickens – that’s right…rubber chickens. As well as being assassins, each player is also a target, making stealth and suspicion essential. Long games run for around four weeks, whilst short games can last up to several hours.

Viking Society

Plymouth’s Viking society aims to educate people interested in the Viking way of life. The society gets stuck into a range of activities including traditional Viking games, walks cladded in full Viking kit and even the teaching of traditional brewing methods for mead. Of course, the Viking Society also like their socials and have regular Viking-style knees-ups.

Kigu Society

With onesies all the rage, University of York’s Kigu society comes as no surprise. If you feel confined only wearing your kigu or onesie inside, the Kigu Society encourages you to get outdoors and share your enthusiasm with the world.

The Sheila and her Dog Society

Sheila and her Dog is a society that wants to take you back to your childhood. Once a meeting starts, members are required to act like six-year-olds; any mention of grow-up things is strictly against the rules.

During their weekly meets, the society likes to drink cocoa and eat cake as they read children’s stories in silly voices. And if you're wondering, we’re not really sure who Sheila or her dog are, either.

Curry Appreciation Society

These societies give students the chance to meet new people and indulge in curry at discount prices across their respective cities. Additionally, members meet termly for sit-down meals to discuss their mutual appreciation for the cuisine.

Twenty Minute Society

This society is for adventure-seeking students who relish competition. Weekly texts are sent out – at an unexpected time – with the address of a random location. Members are then required to get there within a 20 minute time limit.

Points are tallied to whoever gets there in time and by the end of each semester prizes go to those who have collected the most points. Twenty Minute Societies have taken universities by storm – who would have thought students liked an unexpected wake-up call?

Competitive Eating Society

This society is for food lovers who relish a challenge - and sounds like it should probably come with a health warning. Inspired by popular TV series Man v. Food, budding competitive eaters attempt to take on some of the biggest meals around town. Recent challenges have included enormous fry ups, mountainous burgers and metre-long pizzas. If you’re keen in taking eating to the extreme, this may be the society for you.

The Keele Society of Gentlemanly Pursuits

The Gentlemen of Keele is a society that likes to indulge in the finer things of life. Their aim is 'to function as a society based upon the mutual interest in the partaking of fine liquors and music of good quality alongside educated discussion.’ It all sounds rather pleasant…

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