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10 unusual university societies

Eager to get stuck into student life at university? Joining a society is a good way of meeting new people, trying something new or expanding your skills and interests.

But if joining sports or the debating soc doesn't float your boat, don't worry – there are plenty of more imaginative university societies out there. We’ve been taking a look at some of the more out-of-the-ordinary ones you can be part of around the UK…

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Knit Fast, Die Warm!

There's less dying and more knitting, crocheting and yarning at this Plymouth University society. Members can enjoy a range of activities with regular socials and competitions alongside events that live up to the society's exciting name, such as yarn-bombing the campus.

Human-Powered Submarine Society

This group of students design, build and test human-powered submarines to take part in international competitions. They've competed at the International Submarine Races for the past six years, and are already gearing up for the 2022 race. You don't have to be a STEM student to get involved, either – this welcoming bunch accepts members of all disciplines to help out. 

Mario Kart Society

Members of this novel society meet for Mario Kart gaming events – but they also delve into the wider world of Mario, stating "we play all games Mario! Mario Party, Mario Bros and more, you take your pick." They play other Nintendo games too, but the world's favourite Italian plumber is always at the heart of it all, because "you're here for Mario Kart and we won't disappoint". 


This society's mission statement is that "everything is interesting," with members invited to "ramble about a current hyper-fixation, vent about a life long passion or simply share something you love or find interesting". They meet up once a week for a talk from one of their members, as well as getting involved in acts of kindness, screening films and hosting quiz nights. 

Long Boi Society

Not heard of Long Boi? Where have you been?! With over 45,000 followers on Instagram, Long Boi is arguably the UK's most famous living duck. Named for his exceptional height, Long Boi lives on the University of York campus, where he has inspired his own society. Members get together to take walks and feed the local wildlife and waterfowl – including Long Boi himself, of course, because being a social media star is hungry work. 

Assassins’ Guild / Society

Members of this society take part in games of mock assassination in which players are assigned targets to hunt down and eliminate with fake weapons such as water pistols and rubber chickens – that’s right…rubber chickens. As well as being assassins, each player is also a target, making stealth and suspicion essential. Long games run for around four weeks, whilst short games can last up to several hours.

Conspiracy Society

Did aliens build the pyramids? Was the moon landing a hoax? Did Avril Lavigne actually die in 2003? Bangor's Conspiracy Society meets every other week to discuss conspiracies and mysteries, as well as hosting regular social events. 

Bath University Curry Club

This society give students the chance to meet new people and indulge in curry at discount prices. Members meet regularly to get stuck into the finest curries the city has to offer, from BYOB meals to fine dining events. After all, as the society itself says, "everyone loves a curry". 

Twenty Minute Society

This society is for adventure-seeking students who relish competition. Texts are sent out – at an unexpected time – with the address of a random location. Members are then required to get there within a 20 minute time limit. At the end of every year, they host a ball at – you guessed it – a mystery location. 

Louis Theroux Society

The Louis Theroux society brings together students with "a shared love and appreciation for Louis Theroux and his documentaries". New recruits are welcomed whether they're fans of the filmmaker himself or if they just want to chat about the wide-ranging topics he investigates. 

As well as getting together to watch screenings of Theroux's documentaries, members can expect regular socials and quiz nights. Question one: which bespectaled broadcaster bagged ninth place in Heat magazine's 2021 secret crush list? 

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