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Oxbridge interviews - tips from tutors [video]

Our video reporter headed to Oxford and Cambridge Universities to ask tutors what they're really after in those renowned interviews...

Watch now: Oxbridge interview tips

Oxbridge interview preparation pointers

  • 'Why do you want to study this subject?' is a question you can expect to be asked in one form or another, so think about how you might answer this and what evidence you have to prove your commitment. 
  • Re-read any material you've submitted (your personal statement, written coursework etc.) and be prepared to elaborate on anything you've said. Re-familiarise yourself with anything you've studied over the past year or so, too you could well be quizzed on it. 
  • Read widely around your subject and make sure you're aware of the latest issues and debates.
  • Give thinking aloud a try to a teacher, family member or even just to yourself (the video has tips on how to do this!). This is often what you'll be expected to do in your interview rather than having rehearsed, polished answers. Don't worry about pauses, 'ums' and 'ahs' these are inevitable.

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