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Waiting for uni offers: how to keep your head

'I am now officially crazy from waiting!'... 'I'm getting obsessed with checking my email!' Sound familiar? Our sister site The Student Room explains how to keep your head when waiting for university offers.

It's that time of year when our sister site The Student Room heaves with posts such as these. With the university application process in full swing, this autumn's would-be freshers are currently spending a quite indecent amount of time refreshing their email and checking their Hub – hoping to catch an offer just as it pops into their inbox.

If you're one of them, you're probably climbing the walls waiting for some news. ANY news... But don't panic! As The Student Room Community Engagement Manager Grace explains, the trouble is that not everyone gets their offers at the same time:

'Offers can come in at different times for different people – some within 24 hours, some months after your application has been submitted! You may or may not receive an acknowledgement of your application from a university as well – it all depends on how they like to do things, which is different at every institution. Try not to worry too much if it's taking a long time.'

Keeping your cool

Still, the time between watching your application float off into the ether through to reaching a state of sheer ‘oh-my-days-I'm-not-going-to-get-in-anywhere’ mania can be remarkably short, as shown by this post from a worried student:
I applied to Ucas for York, Durham, Sheffield and Queens (Belfast). I know it has not even been two weeks, but I'm getting anxious as I haven't heard back from any of the unis yet. Just wondering has anyone heard back from any of these unis? Sunday2022 | (the Student Room Member)

Another member has some level-headed advice:
Most top unis do not make the bulk of their offers until after the January Ucas deadline and the final offers will not be made until April/May. Hang on in there – an offer is an offer whenever you get it. Mcginger | (the Student Room Member)

Given that unis have got until May to reply to you (yes, May), you could have a long wait to hear anything.

When you can expect to hear back

The plain fact is that, although you might be willing to nibble off your own arm in return for a speedy decision, universities have plenty of time to play with. And it's time they will use.

The deadline for decisions to applications submitted before 26 January is 19 May. Ucas will automatically make it an 'unsuccessful' decision if the uni has not made a decision by 19 May. 

Plenty of time left

So the message is – if you've not yet heard back then don't worry. There's plenty of time still to go. And if the waiting game really is getting to you, take some comfort from the fact that – no matter how slowly (or quickly) your uni offers have come in – other people are having a similar experience

That much is clear from a quick look at The Student Room's thread for all those waiting to hear back from uni...
They did say it was going to take a while but the wait is crazy. I'm a law applicant to Coventry, Warwick, Leeds, Manchester and Newcastle. Haven't heard from anyone. Dohrah | (the Student Room Member)

Honestly such a drag. I sent mine a week into Dec and I haven't heard anything. Losing a ton of motivation. Dontalktome | (the Student Room Member)

I saw someone else say that 'no news is good news', so you may not have any offers yet, but you haven't got any rejections either!! You are still in the running! Booklover1313 | (the Student Room Member)

I submitted my application on the 22nd of Jan and so far I've gotten one offer. But because it's not my first choice I can't seem to stop worrying about it. Good luck to everyone waiting for their offers!! Clumsygoat | (the Student Room Member)

I think it’s best not to think about it too much and use this time to focus on the exams! (although I am literally also refreshing my email and checking Ucas every 2 seconds hehe). Hibz_03 | (the Student Room Member)

How have your own applications to university gone? Are you still waiting to hear from your number one choice? Head over to The Student Room and let us know on the message boards.


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