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Open day questions: biological sciences students

Studying one of the biological sciences – from botany to zoology – will involve some lab work, but how much? Use our list of open day questions to get the answers you’re looking for.

About the course

  • Who will be teaching me? Do my lecturers still practice in the field of medical research?
  • What modules are optional on this course? Is it better to specialise early on?
  • Can I choose modules outside this course?
  • What skills will I learn on this course?

Equipment and facilities

  • What books and equipment should I buy?
  • How much time contact time do we have per week and how is this structured?
  • How much time do we get in the labs?
  • Are the labs modern / state-of-the-art? What areas does the department specialise in?

Placements and field trips

  • Are there any research trips I can go on, or vacation projects I can get involved with?
  • Will I need to do an industrial placement? Do I organise this, or will the university arrange it?
  • Do I need to do some work experience before I start this course?


  • What is the split between individual exams and group work?
  • Do I need to complete a dissertation or research-based project?
  • Can I choose the subject of my research?
  • If I do a placement, will I be marked on it?

My prospects

  • How does this course help me get a job? What sort of jobs have previous graduates gone on to do?
  • What percentage of graduates continue into PhD-level study? Can I get funding from the university if this is what I want to do?
  • Does the uni have links with industry so I can look for jobs?


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