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Open day questions: social sciences students

Thinking of studying for a degree in geography, history, politics, or economics? Here are some questions you could ask tutors and students when you're at a university open day.

About the course

  • What ranges of modules are available to me?
  • Can I pick modules outside of my subject?
  • What skills will I learn on this course? E.g. research methods, referencing, drawing graphs…
  • Are there any guest lecturers or speakers who come to the university?
  • Do I need maths or statistics?

Equipment and facilities

  • What books are necessary for me to buy?
  • How much reading is there each week?
  • Are resources and reading material available to use online?
  • Do I need to read anything before I start the course?

Work experience and field trips

  • Are there any field trips?
  • Where will they be is there a choice?
  • How much does a field trip cost and will I have help with this?
  • What assignments are set during a field trip, and do these count towards my degree mark?
  • Do I have to organise placements or work experience during my summer breaks from university? Will I have help from the uni to do this?


  • What is the split between exams / coursework / group projects?
  • Do I need to do a presentation on this course?
  • Do I need to complete a dissertation or research-based project?
  • How do I decide on a dissertation subject?
  • Can I move on to a related Masters or PhD after I finish my course? Is there funding for me to do this?


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