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Five New Year's resolutions for university applicants

Hoping to head off to uni in this year? Then you've got a big year ahead of you. So, in fitting New Year's style, here are some resolutions that could help you on your way...

1. Focus on that Ucas application

If you're yet to finish your Ucas application, you'd better get a move on; the main deadline for most courses for 2022 entry is 26 January. If you're already receiving offers and attending interviews, then that final decision time is moving ever closer.

It's time to really drill into the detail of the courses you might put down as your firm and insurance choices, attend open days and think a bit more seriously about your long-term plans before, during and even after university. Search for your course and learn more about what you'll need to apply, what you'll study, what graduates go on to do and more.

Also, see what your options are if you miss the main deadline.

Do spare a moment to consider what your plan B could look like, just in case your university plans don't work out. For instance, have you looked at degree apprenticeships?

2. Improve in that problem subject

A lot of students have that one tricky subject; the one they're not quite as strong in or don't really enjoy. This could be down to something trivial like a teacher you don't connect with or a tough module. A stumbling block early on in the year can sour your interest in a subject and make it feel like you're always playing catch-up. 

Try to allocate a bit more time to that problem subject with regular refresher sessions in the library or office hours with your tutor, so you're knocking it out the park come exam time.

3. Be more independent

Cooking, laundry, random tasks like defrosting a freezer or changing a fuse: learning how to deal with the practicalities of life before leaving home this autumn will set you in good stead for those independent years ahead. It'll go down well with your family now, too.

That extends to financial independence too. If you haven't already, start thinking about how you plan to support yourself while you're at university. Earning some extra cash now could come in very handy in your freshers' term.

4. Get on top of life admin

Tick off at least one of your 'must-dos' early on in the year, before the pressure of exams and university preparation really kick in. That might include:
  • Passing your driving test
  • Sorting out your gap year
  • Arranging a summer internship
  • Setting up a volunteer placement
  • Writing your CV

Just one. That's all we're asking.

5. Enjoy the year ahead!

What with revision, exams and results time, it's going to be a busy and a challenging year. Make the most of family, friends and teachers to support and help you through.

But the year ahead is also going to be an exciting one, packed with achievements, the rolling out of future plans and new adventures. Don't forget to enjoy those moments and look back at how far things and you have progressed!

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