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Nine quick tips to get you ready for A-level and Btec results days

It won’t be long now! Here’s how to make sure you’re prepared

Results day is almost here and The Uni Guide has loads of support and advice available to get you through it.

Whatever the day brings we can help, whether you’re navigating Clearing or or you need to appeal your grades.

Have a look at this video from community manager Joe to see what The Uni Guide can offer. You’ll find links to all of the articles, tools and resources mentioned below.

Note: the video mentions Adjustment. This was a Ucas process that ran up until 2021 but has now been cancelled. 

1. Our Clearing and results hub is the place to find all of our articles and guides for results day and Clearing. 

2. Clearing provides an opportunity to find a new university place, if you don’t get the grades you need for your first picks. Our guide to Ucas Clearing explains everything about how to use it if you need to, as well as providing video advice from uni admissions experts.

3. If you need help choosing a course in Clearing, our article on how to make your university course decision can help.

4. Preparing for Clearing is a good idea, just in case you do need to use it. You can use The Uni Guide to search for universities that you might want to consider. You’ll find loads of information about every university here including useful stats like student satisfaction scores and the ratios of male to female students and young to mature students to build a picture of what that uni might be like. You can also find out how students describe their university and average graduate salaries.

5. Use our university course finder tool to search for courses and get detailed overviews of the course content. This is really valuable research for your applications and Clearing phone calls.

6. Once you’ve seen a course you like, you can add it to your shortlist, where you can then compare courses side by side.

7. If you’re getting ready to call universities to find a Clearing place, have a look at our article on how to call universities which has expert advice on how to prepare as well as examples of the kind of questions you might get asked and how to answer them.

8. And if you need it, we have a guide on how to appeal your teacher-assessed grades that will tell you everything you need to know.

You can also find heaps of help and support at our sister site The Student Room (TSR). You can read a similar guide to all of TSR’s results day support.

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